Craig Hensel: The story of a micro-Adventurist chasing totality: #TheEclipseIsCalling

My name is Craig Hensel, I reside in Chicago, IL with my wife Jenah, and kids, Malin, Aiden and Vienne. I first heard about Treeline a few years back when I came on a trip to Alberta, Canada with company co-Founders Chad and Erin Kendrick, and fellow photographer Andy Best.


Nissan x Treeline Outdoors:
Titan Arctic Challenge

Nissan Titan XD with Roof-Top Tent

Canada’s Arctic is a magnet for adventurers. 

The goal is simple, to drive the Tuktoyaktuk ice road, for the first time for the team, for the last time for everyone. The journey will take three weeks and will cover over 8,500 km.

Partnering with Nissan and Treeline Outdoors, the overland team will challenge both man and machine in a quest to reach the Arctic coastal town of Tuktoyaktuk.







To prepare for the trip, the team has built up the two 2017 Nissan Titan XD’s to be totally self-sufficient, carrying all the tools and supplies including a Treeline Outdoors Tamarack Roof-Top Tent with Annex. 

Expedition Runner-Up
Sarah Weber

Over the summer, I spent a few wonderful days on an island miles off the coast of Maine. Accessible only by boat, the island is quiet and has a beautiful untouched feeling.

Expedition Winner
Nick Keating

24 hours before takeoff. The kinetic limbo period where uncontrollable excitement and fear of the unknown form a fervent partnership. The important bits are packed, and a carefully selected playlist makes its way onto my iPhone.